Living in Nashville can be tough.  As a musician here, it’s easy to feel like a cliche.  Because, well, you are.  I live on both sides of the street, as both a cliche, and a judge of other cliches.  When I get rental applications for some properties that I help with, at least half of them are groups of kids moving here with no money, no connections, and a guitar.  (Its all I can do not to warn them,  “musicians don’t move to Nashville without a dime and suddenly find them in their guitar case…”)

Anyway, we’ve begun to find our footing in this boom-town, mostly around our little neighborhood in east Nashville and our little 1 year old that dances incessantly and speaks in full paragraphs but has yet to learn English.  And it seems we’ve, finally, figured out how to work real jobs/ responsibilities, AND complete some creative endeavors on the side.  Mostly that means cooking and canning for me, but occasionally, like right now, we have some music to share.  This song is a preview of a four song EP that Jaron is producing for me, Katherine.  Which means Jaron is doing most of the work, but I get to put it out under my name.  🙂  I wrote this after reading a book by Kathleen Norris on the ancient bad thought, “Acedia” that resonated deeply with me. So, here is my first solo recording.