Our home

It’s the last day of August and I know September is going to be intense.  Summer is ending, as indicated by the 40 degree low last night.  The sun is setting earlier and we’re squeezing in as many fresh vegetable meals as we can.  But amidst the change and impending busyness of volleyball season and out-of-state shows, Jaron and I are more excited to be here than ever before.  And more vested in the moment.

This blog is dedicated to being “here”.  As easy as it is to dwell on the possibility of the future or highs and lows of the past, we are part of the large number of Americans yearning to focus on the simple joys, the contentment of being where and when we are.  The deep spiritual connection that comes from having your feet on dirt and your hands at task.  How to integrate this simple life with a modern world, and how not to.